Under the hood, the Cat Truck is powered by a Cat CT Vocational Truck Engine with ratings specific to vocational truck applications and horsepower/torque combinations to tackle the toughest jobs.

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Get the Power You Need

You can spec your truck’s engine to create an ideal match of power and performance that meets the demands of your specific job and operating conditions.

Lower Operating Costs

A highly efficient Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) solution features upgraded in-cylinder technology and a proven aftertreatment system to deliver low cost of operation.

Count on Years of Operation

Increased durability of engine components—from the block to the cylinders to the bearings and beyond—means a longer-lasting truck, which equates to higher resale value.

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Features and Benefits


Features and Benefits

  • Advanced air management system: Reduces gear shifting and allows for fewer downshifts up steep grades
  • High-pressure, common-rail fuel system: Delivers precise injection timing, optimized combustion & reduced exhaust
  • Dual sequential turbochargers & high-pressure injection system: Optimizes torque for operating conditions, from faster acceleration to handling steep grades
  • Single Electronic Control Module (ECM) & fewer electrical connections: Lessens diagnostic & maintenance time
  • Main bearings with large surface area: Adds strength and durability
  • Optional compression brake: Improves safety & limits brake wear
  • Easy-access systems & components: Shortens maintenance time

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